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This was taken at the Gurkha Palace after the Committee Meeting at Oakfarm Community Hall on 11 May 08.

Note: All expenses were paid by attending members.

This picture was taken way back in 1975/76. The first batch of Gurkha High School Hostel boys at Sek Kong with their Hostel Supervisor. Look carefully and you'll see four 2/81 wallahs in this picture. (a) Giriprasad Rana (b) Netra Limbu (c) Yours truly and (d) Jagan Gurung. 

The Yakuza brothers. Mr magnificient, Trilok and me on the steps of Matepani Gumba. Look at those 34" flares. Circa 1978.

Khusiman when he was 16. Check out those John Travolta trousers.

Many thanks to Basanta for this gem of a classic. Please go on the forum and tell us more about it. I absolutely love the pig in the middle.

Khusi and myself with our 'Singapore Numberi'. This was taken at BG Pokhara in 2003 during Central selection.

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