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Blast from the Past

March and Shoot Competition 3/81 Intake

The March and Shoot Competition winners, No 1 Section of No 4 Platoon and their prize

No. 4 Platoon 1 Section was the winner of this year’s (3/81 Intake) March and Shoot Competition. Thirty Sections of No.1 Recruit Company took part in this competition. The final competition was held on 11 December which was also the day of happy occasion of Passing Out Parade. Out of thirty Sections, only the five qualified Sections were allowed to take part on the final day.

All the thirty Sections of No.1 Recruit Company tried their best to get qualified for the final event. They all had their eyes on the first prize which was a big pig worth HK$ 476.00. All the recruits together with the instructors were eager to win the first prize.

The selection of qualified Sections were carried out by PTI. Among the five qualified Sections at first, 4 Platoon 1 Section stood fourth. But this didn’t demoralize the recruits of 1 Section. Due to the encouragement, hard practice and advice of their Section Commander, 21158835 Cpl Manbahadur Gurung 1/2 GR the recruits of 1 Section came out first infront of all the VIPs who were present on that day to witness the competition. The VIPs consisted of COs and GMs of almost all battalions. The prize was awarded to the senior recruit of No. 1 Section 4 Platoon, 21164866 Rect/Clk Basanta Luintel by the Brigadier Brigade of Gurkhas. 

The final results were as follows:

4 Pl 1 Sect       -            242 Points

5 Pl 1 Sect       -            217 Points

1 Pl 3 Sect       -            215 Points

5 Pl 2 Sect       -            208 Points

7 Pl 4 Sect       -            204 Points

Rect/Clk Basanta Luintel



Major Hitman Gurung RGR took over the appointment of the Chief Instructor Cadet Training Centre (CTC) Frimley from Maj Tekbahadur Gurung RGR in Sep 07. Maj Hitman Gurung joined the CTC from 2 Rifles where he has recently completed an Operation Tour (Op TELIC 9) of 7 months in Basra City, Iraq. The CTC is situated adjacent to Frimley A & E Hospital and has beautiful gardens, grounds, lakes and the most historic house in the Borough of Surrey Heath, built in 1699. Despite being located in such a prominent place, CTC, as I experienced, is still the best-kept secret of the Army as its existence is hardly know outside the ACF movements. The Cadet Training Centre is a small Regular Army unit, under command of the Commander-in-Chief, HQ Land Command. It is commanded by a Lieutenant Colonel and he has a serving military staff 3 (CI, ACI & RSM), supported by 3 retired officers (QM, RO2 (P) & Adjt), 3 SMIs and 38 civilians. To my astonishment the CTC is extremely busy throughout the year running a variety of courses, conferences and Briefings, and our annual programme caters for almost 2,000 students each year. Our main aim is to train the Officers and Adult Instructors of both the CCF and ACF to plan and conduct training activities effectively and safely. There are 42 such courses in a Training Year. The Cadet Forces Adult Volunteers (CFAV) come from all walks of life from across the nation and varies from truck a driver to a Chief Executive of successful business company. For the highest calibre cadets we run three one-week Courses each July of the CCF, Sea Cadet Corp (SCC), ACF and Air Training Corp (ATC). Each course will cater for 120 places and focuses on the development of personal powers of practical leadership, confidence, self-reliance and initiative. Specially selected members of the CCF and ACF as Assistant Directing Staff (ADS) support the CTC training team on all courses. I have been immensely impressed with the dedication and commitment of adult volunteers and I take my hat off for them. Without them we as the CTC won’t function. To date, it has been an interesting and enjoyable experience and am looking forward to the challenges that ACF/CCF World hurls at me.

Maj Hitman Gurung t/over the reins of the CTC’s

Chief Instructor from Maj Tek Gurung

Dear all Numberees,

I hope everyone is stepping into the New Year with new dreams, full of energy and determination. 

For all HK Numberees, we had a wonderful new year present - it is Numberee Khusiman Gurung being with us at this festive period.

Well frankly speaking it's been decades not seeing him and had to retrieve his images into our memories, however, once we saw him we found no changes at all, still fit and handsome. Well done Khusi Numberee in maintaining health such superbly! The "Bhet-Ghat" took place at cozy Nepalese Restaurant in Jordan Temple Street, not far from Gun Club Hill Barracks. We all were so delighted to have Khusi Numberee and Baini with us for the evening. The gap-sap started way back from galla selection the full report presented by Indra Gurung 1/2 GR (well known phusrunge for Chhati Ma Mero Yo Chhoto Bhotto), recruit training and present life both in civil and Bde of Gurkhas.

We got fresh updating on drastic changes in Brigade, tour in Afghanistan and Iraq and civilian life in UK. Job opportunities and advice on our young generations bring up/grooming etc.

The real jokes amongst Numberees during the service and wall breaking laughter - to be honest it was the evening to remember and it drove us all back to our old days. We talked about networking amongst Numberees around the globe. There were highlights on main events carried-out by HK and UK Numberees. We were forced to leave as the night was getting thicker and thicker, however, we could see in our eyes the strong hope of meeting each other again in the very near future. The emotional feeling which we had deep inside our heart at meeting our Nunberee clearly shows how much we mean for each other. The message is clear!

I would like to request all Numberees around the planet, just to give few seconds of yours in linking with each other once again. Please send your present details to Numberees' Website. This will certainly give us a new platform in the years ahead. I would like to personally thank Tirtha for his hard work and brain to construct our website. Job well done and thank you very much indeed.

Let's all walk together in peace and harmony; it's a small world after all!!!

Jai Numberees,

Trilok Gurung

Hong Kong

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