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Intake 2/81 Association

******* OUR AIM *******

Welcome to "Intake 2/1981 Numberi" ( website. This is a non-political and non-profitable organisation established in 2006 with the aim of bringing all the members and families of 2/1981 Intake together. This website will endeavour to act as a platform for all members and their families who are interested to join in or participate in our activities and wish to know more about Intake 2/1981's past and future deeds. We hope this website will be a warm, pleasant and interesting place for all to indulge and take a rest after a hectic long hard day's work and share your views, communicate and entertain each other even if it may only be for a short while. Looking back at the origins of our military life, Intake 2/1981 was obviously a unique group of young Nepalese teens of 1981s selected from across Mechi in the east to Mahakali in the west of Nepal.


We all hope that this website will not just unite members of 2/1981 Intake only but also help to promote and preserve our Nepalese culture and identity in a wider community. So, why wait …please come along and join us.


Jai Intake 2/1981

Non profitable website



Chairman                    -     Nagendra Shrestha (4852)

Vice-chairman            -     Sunil Rana (4870)

General Secretary      -     Indra Gurung (4903)

Treasurer                     -     Surya Gurung (4915)

Asst Treasurer            -     Bem bahadur Thapa

Entertainment             -     Tanka Sherchan (5042)

Asst Entertainment.   -     Narsing Chhantyal (5025)

Event Co-ordinator     -     Bel Burathoki (4938)
                                      -     Budhi Gurung (4983)

                                      -     Ser Pun (5021)

Website Administrator-    Durga Ramjali (4880)

Area Representatives

Kent Area - Balaram Gurung (5222), North London - Kaji Gurung (4879)

South London - Ram Gurung (4962), Farnborough - Bimal Gurung (4916), Aldershot - Narendra Rai (5132), Midland area - Jum Gurng (4965), North midland area - Shovayman Golay (5197), Oxford - Man bahadur Thapa (4884), Swindon - Padam Gurung (4976), Brunei - 5057 Devendra Dura, HK Rep - 4860 Trilok Gurung

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2/81 Intake - Key Dates

AGM - 24 March 2024
Annual Get-together party - Sat 11 May 2024

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