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Gurkha Cup 2011

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Basic Clerks Course Intake 2/81

Numbari haru,

Some of the pictures from the Reunion at Aldershot on 29 Jul 2007. Photo CDs will be sent to the Area Reps. Please contact your Area Rep if you wish to make copies of the CD. Also, if you are in possession of good quality photos then why not email them to me. I shall post them on our website. Post your comments on the Forum, dhanyabad!!

Group photo 29/07/07

Just the numberis now.

The better halves insisted on having their group picture taken. And rightly so.

and some more.

Fosters, Coke and Stella.

Collection of a fine specimen.

Energizer keeps going, and going, and going......!!

Buy one and get one free from Specsavers.

Didn't knew Moti was a trained fire fighter.

... the next generation.

flooding? what flooding?

the young 'uns.

......cometh the hour, cometh the man.

Tika learning the moves.

will you let go of my hand? It's embarrassing.

We're rich. Rich beyond our wildest dream.

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