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This is a new addition to the Website. The web album has been removed in favour of the Photo Galleries. Numberi photos of both past and present have been posted for our viewing pleasure and to reminiscse bygone days. Efforts have been made to give viewers more information regarding the posted photographs. However, if you have additional information or find the captions to be inaccurate or misleading then please contact me and I shall have them corrected. I would be grateful if you could pass me similar photos (electronic or paper), I will scan them, post them on our web site and return the originals back to you. One piece of advice; viewers may get a feeling that I am getting a bit carried here and posting too many snapshots of me and my family. However, that cannot be further away from the truth as I do not have any photos other than what I have at home. Therefore, you will have to put up with photos on this site features my wrinkly mug. However, the idea is, once I start receiving more photos from you, you will start seeing less of me and more of you. Lets get on with it, roll back the clock, put your feet up and enjoy the magic moments:

This picture was taken in 2000 at numberi Khusi's house in Catterick . L-R: Manju Gurung (Mrs Khusiman), Sita with Kritibasha (Mrs Basanta), Pranay (Khusi's son,not mine) and Anju Gurung (Mrs Tirtharaj Gurung). 

This was numberi and childhood friend of mine Jyotiman Gurung and me outside Barahi temple in Pokhara during our first Nepal Leave in 1984. That was when we were young, free and, dare I say, SINGLE.

This picture of 'the six magnificent Numbernis' was taken at ITC Catterick during Dashain celebration 2000. L-R: Anju Gurung, Paru (Mrs Yam), Sita, Goma (Mrs Sunil), Mrs Ananda and Manju Gurung.

A group photograph of 2/81 numberis of GTR along with 10 (from left) student drivers from other units taken at GMTS, Sek Kong in January 1982. If you can name all 28 GTR numberis then once again, give this old man a phone.

This picture was taken at New Normandy Barracks, Aldershot during the QOGLR Regimental Birthday in 2003. Left-Right: Taran Gurung (my son), Anju Gurung, Yasoda Hamal, her daughter Asmita and her son.

BEFORE.GTR Numberi Picnic at Plover Cove in 1989.

AFTER. GTR Numberi Picnic at Plover Cove in 1989.

GTR Numbernis meeting for the first time at the Numberi Picnic at Prover Cove in 1989. L-R: Mrs Premchandas, Anju, Rita, Mrs Bom (?) and Mrs Nagendra taking a break from talking and enjoying some BBQa, Hong Kong style.

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