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A group photograph of the Serving Numberis Reunion at Shorncliffe in 2006. L-R: Hitman, Tirtharaj, Shobhaman, Yam, Durga, Khusi, Sovit, Padam, Dhan and Tirtha with their other halves, naturally. 

A champagne toast and a happy memory.

And this was how it all began. Our bretheren of 2/81 Intake Hong Kong Association celebrate the Silver Jubilee in grand style.

Chairman, 2/81 Intake HK Association, Shyam Gurung highlights the pertinent points.

Anything our hubbies do, we can do better. The numbernis have something to laugh about.

A second reunion was held at New Normandy Barracks, Aldershot in Jul 2006. This time it included numberis who have retired and living in UK. L-R Standing: Khusiman, Sudarshan, Dhan, Ramlal, Gyankaji, Tirtharaj, Yam, Nagendra, Hitman, Tilbikram, Mahendra, Tirtharaj. R-L Sitting: Shobhaman, Om, Sayakumar, Dil, Durga, Krishna, Nagendra, Bel and Sovit.

Listening attentively to the most senior member of the serving numberis, Khusiman Gurung at Shornecliffe 2006.

The new CM 2/81 Intake, Sovit Hamal is able to gather everyone's attention briefly. Jul 2006.

Hitman likes to pose, Durga admires Hitman's receding hairline, Nagen likes his chicken drumstick, Krishna likes to babble to himself and Om isn't bothered.

The powerbase. L-R: Kamala (Mrs Shobhaman), Kalpana (Mrs Hitman, Mrs Tirtharaj, Paru (Mrs Yam), Kamala (Mrs Durga), Batti (Mrs Padam), Manju (Mrs Khusiman), Mrs Dhan and Yasodha (Mrs Sovit), Shorncliffe 2006.

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